Love and passion for Lake Maggiore for over 60 years.

The focus on continuous technological development in the nautical world has allowed Solcio to establish itself on the national and international market as a reality of excellence in its field.

Born as producers of speedboats and backed by more than half a century of experience in the sailing world, Solcio is still the beacon of reference today for those, like you, is fond of boating.

Solcio puts at your disposal its experience, to provide all the services that your boat needs once commissioning as mooring, storage, or the simple maintenance.

If you do not have your own boat, Solcio also offers a rental service tailored to you, taking into account all your navigation needs and technical knowledge.

The shipyard is located in Solcio di Lesa, sheltered from the most insidious winds of Lake Maggiore and strategic for those who decide to leave to discover our lake.